The 900 series consist of the following components:
– Pressure switch, which transforms a pneumatic signal into an electric one.
– impulse generator, which transforms a permanent pneumatic signal into an adjustable impulse from 0 to 10 seconds.
– Pneumatic timer (n.C. or n.O.), which cuts or releases a pneumatic signal within an adjustable time.
– Two hands safety valve, which allows a safety use of two hands pneumatic controls (for example two push-button 3/2 N.C. to a certain distance) excluding false signals in case of push-button or valve malfunction.
– Flip – Flop: 5/2 ways valve, single signal actuated, commutes the outlet from 2 to 4 and vice versa at each puls.
– For a correct functioning it’s important that inlet pressure be the same or lower than pilot pressure.
– Oscillator valve, 5/2 – G 1/8″ with two logic functions “NOT” mounted on board, switches when the pressure in the connected cylinder exhaust chamber is reaching the threshold of “NOT”.
– Signal amplifier, 3/2 – G 1/8″ N.C. valve actuated by weak signals but higher than 0.05 bar.
– Progressive start-up valve, which is a device that is fitted in between valve or solenoid valve and cylinder allows a gradual filling of the chamber providing a low power cylinder movement. The progressive start-up valve is made of a flow control valve and a 2/2 N.C. valve with 6 mm nominal orifice. the valve is totally open when the pressure in the cylinder reaches 50% of inlet pressure.
– High-low pressure devices, located in the pneumatic circuit between valve and cylinder, allow the function of the cylinder with two different pressures. Example: in case of a locking action, it is possible to approach the required position at a low pressure, then increase to its maximum value in the circuit with the use of an electric signal. they are practically made of a piloted pressure regulator without relieving.

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