Volume Booster Series Flowplus

Pneumax high flow capacity air volume booster – stainless steel SS and aluminium SA series – has been engineered and developed to specifically approach the Oil & Gas industry and more widely for all the severe service applications that require excellent performances due to chemical and/or harsh environmental conditions.

Moreover, Pneumax booster represent performing and reliable choice in case of high flow exhaust ratio, for the whole process and industrial auto-mation applications in general.

Both stainless steel and aluminum versions are corrosion and wear resistant, due to the same stainless steel trim type selection, with a wide range of sealing materials for extended operating temperature applications (to extreme low temperature up to high temperature application).

Pneumax volume booster is 1:1 signal to output relay, capable to provide fast response, delivering high air volume for fast actuator movement and increased stroking speed for both control and on/off valves actuators.

As a standard, an adjustable integrated by-pass valve device is available, to reduce or avoid (thru fully closed position in case of on-off application) excessive actuator overshoot or over-damping.

In addition, in order to precisely adjust actuator travel speed, Pneumax booster can be equipped with integral flow regulators for air delivery and exhaust.

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