REGULATORS Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice 116 Proportional regulators Series 1900 Electronic proportional pressure regulator with closed Loop. Air-vacuum and vacuum-vacuum versions. Modern industrial applications require increasingly high performances from their pneumatic components. For example, the speed and thrust of a pneumatic cylinder, or the torque of a rotary actuator may need to be varied. These parameters often need to be modified dynamically while an operation is running. This solution can be obtained by employing a proportional pressure regulator Series 1700 available in 3 sizes with flow rates of 7; 1.100 or 4.000 Nl/min. The model that manage the positive pressure that controls a vacuum generator and the negative pressure are then added to this range. Typical applications will include the necessity to dynamically control the force of an actuator, be it thrust or torque or the degree of vacuum. Examples include: closing systems, painting systems, tensioning systems, packaging systems, pneumatic braking systems, force control for welding grippers, thickness compensation systems, balancing systems, laser cutting, pressure transducers for the control of modulating valves, test benches for system testing, force control for buffers on polishers, management of force exerted by suction cups in handling applications and management of the force exerted by the vacuum in the autoclaves. Application fields Vacuum technology Catalogue Regulators Series 1900