Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice 126 ACCESSORIES AND INSTRUMENTS Vacuum switch, vacuum gauge, silencers and filters Output circuit wiring scheme Technical features Working pressure range 0 ... -100.0kPa Regulation pressure range 0 ... -100.0kPa Maximum supported pressure 600 kPa Allowed fluids Air, non-corrosive gases, non-combustible gases Supply voltage From 12 to 30 VDC ±10% Current consumption ≤ 10mA Digital output PNP N.O. 1 outputs Maximum load current: 80mA Maximum supply voltage: 30VDC Voltage drop: ≤0.8V Repeatability (Digital output) ± 1% Full Scale Digital output Type of hysteresis Fixed Hysteresis 3% Full Scale max. Response time 1ms Protection from short circuit at output Present Method of setting threshold Adjustable, trimmer Indicator LED red (output) Ingress protection rating IP Rating IP40 Ambient temperature Operational: 0 ... 60°C, Storage: -20 ... 70°C (without ice or condensation) Ambient humidity Operational/Storage: 35 ... 85% (without condensation) Vibration Total amplitude 1.5mm, 10Hz-55Hz-10Hz scanning for 1 minute, 2 hours in each direction of X, Y and Z Impacts/shocks 980m/s² (100G), 3 times in each direction of X, Y and Z Temperature characteristics ±2% Full Scale in a range between 0 ... 50°C Type of connection Male M5x0.8, Plug-in connection Ø4 Electrical cable Oilproof cable, 3 wires (0.18mm 2 ), Ø2.6mm Weight Approximately 50 gr. (with 3 metres of cable) 15 22.5 32 Ø4 26 10 150 26 10 3000 M5 Hexagon 8 mm Ordering code DS.10.V.B. C . L . O C CONNECTION F4= Male M5 R4= Plug-in connection Ø4 L CABLE LENGTH A=150 mm * E=3000 mm ** O OPTIONS 0= Without connector 1= With connector M8 male 3 Pin * only with M8 connector ** only without connector Switch main circuit Red DC+ (Brown) OUT (Black) Load DC- (Blue) DC 12÷30V Mini digital vacuum switch Vacuum technology Catalogue Accessories and instruments Series 1900