VACUUMGENERATORS Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice 58 Multistage vacuum generators Compact generators, composed of several modules according to the required performance to obtain high suction capacity with low consumption and high vacuum degrees. Performance and application The multistage vacuum generators base their operating characteristics on the Venturi principle. The compressed air is manipulated to flow at high speed in port 1 which constitutes the first stage of the vacuum generator and in the subsequent stages, following the entrainment of the surrounding air, a depression is created. The advantage of multistage vacuum generator is in the optimization of the kinetic energy. Injecting the compressed air through multiple nozzles generates an improve volumetric flow rate (Compared to a single stage unit) whilst using a lower consumption of compressed air. Vacuum technology Catalogue Multistage vacuum generators Series 1900 depression 1 3