VACUUMGENERATORS Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice 69 Multifunction vacuum generators Vacuum units that can control a complete vacuum gripping system. The range of multifunction vacuumgenerators are available in two versions, the “SE” & “ME”. The ‘SE’ can be installed as “stand alone” whilst the ‘ME’ version can be assembled with intermediate modules creating a multi position manifold which uses a single compressed air supply. The modular design allows the number of autonomous vacuum units to be increased as a function of requirements. They are constructed from a piece of anodised aluminium, and inside of this, the multiple ejectors are mounted and the vacuum chambers are fashioned, as well as threaded connections for supply. The outside components are: • A solenoid pilot valve for controlling the compressed air being supplied • A solenoid pilot valve for controlling the compressed air from the bellows • A vacuum switch with display for controlling and monitoring the system • A flow regulator with setting screw for regulating the air of the bellows • An intake manifold made of aluminium for the vacuum connections with the intake filter and check valve integrated inside it, serving to keep vacuum to be used should the electrical power or compressed air stop being supplied. By activating the supply solenoid pilot valve, the generator creates vacuum that can be used, and when the maximum preset value is reached, the vacuum switch kicks in and, through the control solenoid pilot valve, cuts off the air supply and restores it when the vacuum value drops below the minimum set value. This modulation allows considerable savings of compressed air in addition to keeping the degree of vacuum within safety range. A second vacuum switch signal, which is separate from the first one and is adjustable, can be used to start up the cycle when the degree of vacuum reached is that needed for the application. Once the cycle has completed, the supply solenoid pilot valve for air supply to the generator powers down and at the same time the release solenoid pilot valve powers up to quickly restore atmospheric pressure within the circuit. This series of vacuum generators is suitable for controlling suction cup gripping systems for moving glass panes, marble slabs, ceramic slabs, plastic panels, cardboard boxes, wood panels, etc., and, given their particular shape, they lend themselves to applications in the industrial robotics sector where there is increasing demand for high-performance equipment and autonomous vacuum systems for controlling a greater number of gripping elements while keeping weight low and dimensions compact. Multifunction vacuum generators Series 1900 Vacuum technology Catalogue