Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice 82 VALVES AND SOLENOID VALVES Wide range of valves and solenoid valves with aluminium or technopolymer body, suitable for applications with high flow rates required Vacuum technology Catalogue Valves and solenoid valves The experience gained over the years, resulting of collaboration with our customers and continuous research and development on materials and technologies, has allowed Pneumax to offer a wide range of valves and solenoid valves specially designed and manufactured for vacuum. Pneumax products are able to provide high performance in applications of very demanding industrial sectors, often characterized by hard environmental conditions. The possibility of using different materials for the various components, from technopolymer to aluminum to stainless steel, allows to create a range of valves and solenoid valves ideal for applications in different operating conditions, ranging from the management of dusty fluids to applications in the food sector. The attention to detail in the design phase with a deep focus on the correct dimensional ratio between the connections and the orifices, allowing to minimize the pressure drops and thus guaranteeing the maximum suction flow rate. The Pneumax offer includes shut-off valves, poppet valves, solenoid valves and pad valves.