48 Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice PROCESS AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY Pneumax has wide experience and know-how to develop application-oriented solutions for the process industry, as well as a range of highperformance products aimed to improve the effciency, productivity and quality of the process itself. Each item passed thru internal long-ride severe test procedure and after validated through years of experience. All certifications and relevant approvals are available. Thanks to a global presence worldwide Pneumax can provide prompt assistance to any customer’s specific needs. Our complete product range includes large number of products for day-by-day business. At Pneumax the focus is always on customer satisfaction. General Stainless steel brand series have been engineered and developed to meet process automation and Oil & Gas severe service requirements, where material performances, product reliability and health and safety issues are critical elements. As a result, Pneumax products are perfectly suitable to work with sweet gas media and corrosive / aggressive gases. Applications for actuation: - ESDV – emergency shut-down valve. - HIPPS - High-integrity pressure protection system. - High pressure turbine control. - Water service application. - Control for gas/fluid. - On-Off valve and control valve. Applications: - Severe service operations. - Low and high temperature application. - Fire control system. - Hazardous area. - Offshore. - Refineries. All external and internal parts are AISI316L stainless steel material in compliance with NACE standard MR0175/ISO 15156-1. The range includes 3 and 5 way function valves, with the following functions available: - Pneumatic-spring valve - Pneumatic-pneumatic valve - 2 position push-pull valve - Push button-spring valve - Push button-pneumatic return valve - Tappet-spring valve - Roller lever-spring valve - Pneumatic valve with self-locking manual reset - Pneumatic valve with self-locking manual reset inverted - Key-spring valve - Accessories which include: Non return valve, Uni/bidirectional flow regulator and Quick exhaust valve. - Blocks dividers or shunts Modularity ¼” size connection components minimum flow rate from 1000Nl/min. Thanks to customized body design configuration, Pneumax can provide pneumatic manifold solution, with compact design and easy installation operation. Example: Module with redundants solenoids valves Valves 1/4” NPT series Steel line Process automation technology Catalogue Valves, 1/4" NPT Series Steel line