Pneumax-Technology for vacuum applications

Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice. 2 1 3 1 2 3 Multistage generator Multistage generator VIII Series 1900 Pneumatic pumps Vacuum pumps of the pneumatic type or pneumatic vacuum generators, which operate on the Venturi principle: one or more nozzles are fed by compressed air, generating a jet of air that drags (in contact with the environment) the surrounding air and then evacuates. This "dragging" creates a depression which results in the generation of a vacuum. The big advantage of pneumatic pumps is that they can only operate when the suction cups or the application connected to them require vacuum. Advantages: Consumption of air (and therefore power) limited to themoment of use. Installation directly proximate to the suction cups (simplification of layout / savings). Short response times and high capacity. Flow rates for any requirement. No limit to applications. Compactness / lightness / reliability / little or no wear. Types: In terms of dimensions, functions and operation, we can categorise generators as one of twomajor types: 1) Single stage, compact and/or miniaturised, with pneumatic or electropneumatic control, for direct-contact installation with suction cup holders and suction cups. 2) Multistage with or without integrated functions, pneumatic, electropneumatic operated for delocalized assembly and for operating groups of suction cups Vacuum components Vacuum technology