Pneumax-Technology for vacuum applications

Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice. 5.5 Series 1900 Ordering code DS.30.C.C.F8. L . O Digital vacuum switch CABLE LENGTH B=300 mm * D=2000 mm ** L OPTIONS 0=Without connector 1=With connector M8 male 4 Pin O Technical features Working pressure range Regulation pressure range Maximum supported pressure Allowed fluids -100.0 100.0kPa ÷ -100.0 100.0kPa ÷ 300 kPa Air, non-corrosive gases, non-combustible gases Pressure calibration sensitivity kPa 2 kgf/cm bar psi InHg mmHg mmH O 2 0.1 0.001 0.001 0.01 0.1 1 0.1 From 12 to 24 VDC ± 10% ≤ 60mA PNP 2 outputs N.O. Maximum load current: 80mA Maximum supply voltage: 30VDC ≤1V Voltage drop: Supply voltage Current consumption Digital output Repeatability (Digital output) ± 0.2% Full Scale ± 1 digit fixed bar 0.003 Digital output Type of hysteresis Hysteresis Response time Protection from short circuit at output Display Indicator precision Indicator ≤2,5 ms (anti-interference function: 24ms, 192ms and 768 ms selectable) Present Display with 3 1/2 digits (sampling 5 times per sec.) ±2% F. S. ±1 digit (at ambient temperature of 25°C ±3°C) LED Green (output1) LED red (output2) Ingress protection rating Protection class Ambient temperature Ambient humidity Supported voltage Insulation resistance Vibration Impacts/shocks IP40 Operational: 0 50°C, Storage: -20÷60°C (without ice or condensation) ÷ Operational/Storage: 35 85% (without condensation) ÷ 1000VAC in 1-min. (between body and cable) 50M min. (at 500VDC, bet n body and cable) Ω wee Total amplitude 1.5mm. or 10G, 10Hz-55Hz-10Hz scanning for 1 minute, 2 hours in each direction of X, Y and Z 980m/s² (100G), 3 times in each direction of X, Y and Z ±2% Full Scale in a range between 0÷50°C G1/8" (Swivel) Oil resistant cable Approximately 67 gr. (with 2 metres of cable) Temperature characteristics Type of connection Electrical cable Weight Output circuit wiring scheme Switch main circuit DC+ (Brown) OUT 1 (Black) OUT 2 (White) DC- (Blue) Load Load DC 12÷24V Vacuum components Accessories 16.5 66.5 G1/8” 59.5 7 25 Ch. 13 300 66.5 16.5 G1/8” 59.5 7 Ch. 13 25 2000 5 only with M8 connector only without connector * **