Pneumax Spa welcomes the new colleague Fabrizio Cattaneo who will take on the position of the Technical Director of the headquarters.
Appreciated by the industrial panorama with thirty years of experience gained in various Italian industrial companies and foreign multinationals, he counts in his career roles of R&D Management, Project Leader in the construction of complex automation systems, Operations Manager, from industrial automation to automotive, packaging and testing.

“Work on the technical area structure to make the design and development processes ever faster and more efficient by quickly adapting the existing one to the needs of our customers, today means laying the foundations of a process aimed at building a new cycle lasting over time. Fabrizio Cattaneo meets these requirements as a skillful Manager with a multidisciplinary experience in the world of industrial automation and beyond. Investing in qualified professional skills is our focus, to be a strategic partner for our customers.
With the entry of Fabrizio Cattaneo, we add an important element to the strategic plan in place”.

Rossella Bottacini
CEO Pneumax Spa

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