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Since 1976 Pneumax Spa has become one of the most significant manufacturers of components for Pneumatic automation, with a wide variety of products designed to meet the needs of many different industry sectors, offering versatility, reliability and the opportunity to optimize costs and service.

Founded in 1976 by Roberto Bottacini and Giuseppe Beretta, Pneumax have become a worldwide market leader in the manufacture and supply of components for Pneumatic automation.

The Pneumax organization has seen significant growth in terms of size and turnover with the Pneumax Holdings group now controlling 19 companies with more than 500 employees and is having their presence in more than 69 countries worldwide. The international presence ensures that the company trades in all the major pneumatic markets. The Indian arm of Pneumax S.p.A i.e. Pneumax Pneumatic India Pvt. Ltd. is located at Noida and uses the latest generation operating systems which allow flexibility and precision for manufacturing in line with the requirements of today’s pneumatics market.

The vast range of Pneumax products with new additions every year, reliability proven by millions of faultless components operating in the market, well know capability of understanding and satisfying any customer need, make Pneumax the ideal partner.
Our range include ISO cylinders, solenoid pneumatic manual & mechanical valves, filters regulators & lubricators, vacuum components, Clamping Technology for Automotive Industry, Quickline Al Pipeline Fittings, brass fittings, tubing and special components like Pressure Boosters, Hydro Check units, Multi Stage Tandem Cylinders, Oscillator Valves, Digital Pressure Switches, Stainless Steel Components for Oil and Natural Gas and the list is endless.

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