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Pneumax Business Attitude is the essence of the organizational model with which Pneumax manages technologies, skills and relationships with its customers in order to develop the best solutions for each application.
The ability to offer complementary technologies: pneumatic, electric and fluid control, with both standard and customized products, integrating mechanics and electronics, only truly creates value added if there is sufficient in-house expertise to enable a constructive dialogue with customers.
This approach requires great manufacturing flexibility, experience with applications and an awareness of the distinctive features of each industrial sector. To ensure our clients receive all-round advice, Pneumax has invested in training for various kinds of technical and commercial staff: Product Specialist who is a specialist in product and technology families, Business Specialist who has well-honed application skills and Sales Engineers who manage day-to-day relationships with customers and supply chain partners.
This model is based on consistency between manufacturing organization, commercial offer and technological development.


Business Specialist

Application Skills

Pneumax Business Specialists work in particular sectors and analyze different customers’ applications to translate needs into technical specifications which mean the ideal solution is always developed. This is because every sector has its own distinctive features ranging from expected performance to certifications and ancillary services to ensure customer requirements are met: from woodworking machinery to automotive right up to oil and gas.


Product Specialist

Technological knowledge

Continuous product innovation is one of the pillars on which Pneumax builds its strategies. This is an activity entrusted to the technical specialists in the research and development office and to the Product Specialists, who keep track of technological trends in the product categories they have responsibility for so they are able to define the technical and functional characteristics of the products of the future.


Sales Engineer

Worldwide Presence

Establishing partnerships with customers means establishing relationships that are characterized by an ongoing dialogue about aims, strategies and visions. Pneumax Sales Engineers provide a constant Pneumax presence in their territory so they can define commercial agreements, products and services capable of generating value added for customers worldwide.

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