Series 2100 Line-Flat-Base

This solenoid valves series has been developed to meet requirements for electronically controlled pneumatic systems and / or serial control systems already used in all manufacturing sectors.
They have been designed to be easily assembled into groups or manifolds and include integral electrical connection to facilitate simple and speedy integration into a control system.
The 2100 series comprises a range of products classified according to the body size of 10mm divided into 3 types “LINE”, “FLAT” and “BASE”.
The 10mm. and 18 mm. 24 VDC range of valves includes a range of accessories for the production of manifolded valve assemblies with 1 integral electrical connections.
Modules are available in two or four station variants for flexibility and are supplied to iP40 or alternatively iP65 environmental protection.

Information request for Series 2100 Line-Flat-Base

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