Pneumax-Technology for vacuum applications

Overall dimensions and technical information are provided solely for informative purposes and may be modified without notice. Range: The PNEUMAX range consists of single-stage and multistage equipment of various sizes and types; the single-stage generators use the Venturi effect in a single medium/high throughput nozzle and promptly generate vacuum, flow rate and suction values that are suitable for medium/light applications. Multistage generators having more than one nozzle (ejectors) in a line, using the kinetic energy that this layout generates to ensure, based on the flow rate, limited consumption of energy and attainment of a vacuum level equal to 90%, with various suction capabilities. Single-stage generators , very fast in switching pressure/vacuum, can also be equipped with a quick-release system for highly cyclical applications. On the other hand, multistage generators can often be accessorised with integrated management and control functions, such as for example electropneumatic control for power supply and power shut-off, quick-release blowing, a regulator to measure this release and a vacuumswitch, to control the degree of vacuumgenerated. These latter generators can be installed as modules as well, creating actual stand-alone generation modules and decentralised vacuummanagement for controllingmore than one gripping element Adjustable vacuumgenerators conveyor Based on the Venturi principle, these differ from the ones described further above in that they have an ejector with a much larger diameter, and are adjustable. This featuremakes it possible to change the device's flow rate and degree of vacuumwithout affecting the supply pressure. Their special shape and their operating principle make them suitable for suction and the transfer of powders, granules, sawdust, metal chips, liquid or dry food products, etc.;to control suction cups in the presence of large quantities of powders or liquids; these can also be used to suction smoke, coolant fog, water vapour, etc. Suction filters Preventing contaminants from reaching the pneumatic vacuum generator is very important for ensuring long-term and good operation. This is why Pneumax vacuum filters are installed at the suction inlet of the pneumatic vacuum generators and/or on the pipework of the equipment. The Pneumax product line includes vertical suction filters with flow rates ranging from 150 to 2520 l/m and threads running fromG3/8” toG1”. In-line filters with flow rates ranging from20 to 50 l/mand instant connectivity for pipes with diameters ø4, ø6 and ø8mm IX Series 1900 Vacuum components Vacuum technology