Technology, international experience and ingenuity: Our products are the outcome of a focused and simultaneously far-sighted business vision which strives to apply flows and processes characterized by efficiency. Custom products are complemented by a varied catalogue of technological solutionscapable of making the difference in every sector of industry:

valves and solenoid valves, solenoid valve islands with integrated electrical connection, fieldbus systems, cylinders and microcylinders, components, fittings and accessories for compressed air treatment, special products tailored to the customer.

Industrial automation

Process automation



Clamping units, centring units, grippers, rotating units and complete multi-axis positioning systems, developed to ensure maximum reliability and the highest precision and repeatability in sheet metal working applications.

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3D Cadenas

Pneumax catalogue products can be configured in the CADENAS PARTcommunity portal and the associated 3D and 2D models downloaded together with the pdf datasheets.

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