Quality and Certification

Quality of products, processes and activities

Quality is the fruit of a structured system that values knowledge and continuous improvement

At Pneumax, Total Quality is an “operating style” constantly nurtured by ongoing training at all levels and an awareness of shared “knowledge” as a corporate asset essential to the company’s success.
Choosing to operate under a total quality system means implementing management methods and tools that involve all staff and enable constant monitoring of process efficiency and product quality, starting from the raw materials and the components necessary to make them and continuing through processing and assembly. Pneumax’s manufacturing operations are concentrated at the Lurano production facilities in the province of Bergamo and, to ensure the greatest reliability for our customers, the best suppliers are selected, often right on-site, and mechanical processing is carried out in-house (Supermeccanica), while fluid dynamic simulation software means that products can be optimized right from the design stage. The stages of prototyping, testing and trialling during the launch of industrial production are fundamental, while appropriate on-board systems on machinery permit continuous monitoring of production.

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