The modular bellows has the function of protecting the piston rod and piston rod nose seal on the Pneumax ECOLIGHT’ cylinder range from Ø32 to Ø100 to a maximum stroke length of 1 mtr (all versions excluding cylinders fitted with the Q and R scraper seal). It is constructed by mounting the bellows in series fixed with end plates mounted on the piston rod and front end cap.
There is also a guide washer with bushing (Sintered bronze/PTFE) placed in the middle of the bellows and guided by the piston rod to prevent the bellows sliding on the rod and to keep the orientation in line with the cylinder.
The bellows can be constructed from three different materials depending on the temperature, application or the possibility of any substance coming into contact with the cylinder.
During operation the bellows extend and retract which means the air contained within the bellows needs to be controlled, this is achieved by;
– NON CONVEYED: a series of breathers/filters on the end plate fitted to the piston rod.
– CONVEYED: a threaded connection on the end cover fitted to the cylinders front end cap.

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