MLGA Multi-Axes Locator for Geometric Alignments

Positioning locator with interpolated electric actuators with ball bushings and brushless servo motors, all controlled by a digital driver system to provide the geometric alignments


  • Compact design: the MLGA can be used on grounded toolings or on end effectors with robots
  • High repeatability and high location accuracy
  • High protection level against contamination:
    all components are protected against welding spatter and deposits of debris from on-going mechanical processes. Suitable for harsch environments, as Body In White
  • User-friendly interface – Simplified HMI, augmented reality and cloud connection.

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MLGA Multi-Axes Locator
MLGA 13_mod


General features


Pneumax MLGA


Render cilindro

High repeatability


High resistance

Pneumax MLGA

User-friendly Interface

  • DIGITAL TWIN for commissioning, testing,training and customer specific adoption
  • RECONFIGURABILITY: the system allows the operator to adjust the location in order to quickly and easily adapt to different geometric alignments of different models
  • SINAMICS S120 drives with extended safety functions
  • SIMATIC IoT2040 PLATFORM: in Cloud accurate
    monitoring of functional parameters and data analytics.
  • SINEMA REMOTE CONNECT for secure maintenance and connection
  • AUGMENTED REALITY for easy to use interoperability with the machine and production line.