• Version 3100 (10mm) and 3400 (15,5mm)
  • Nominal flow rate up to 200 Nl/min (Version 3100) and up to 600 Nl/min (Version 3400)
  • Stand alone or manifold mounted versions
  • Valve replacement without disconnecting the tubes
  • Available with a wide range of serial system protocols
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Available sub-base mounted or with M5 threaded ports (Version 3100) and G1/8” (Version 3400)
  • Suitable for use with pressure or vacuum
  • Certified cURus

Pneumax valves and solenoid valves are designed to guarantee versatility and maximum reliability in the control of integrated pneumatic circuits. The Pneumax 3000 series of solenoid valves is a very flexible solution that can be easily configured to optimize the efficiency of the whole system through a constant interface and communication with the machine.
The Pneumax 3000 series is available in stand alone and manifold mounted versions, including a wide range of functions, capable of working with positive pressures up to 10 Bar or vacuum.
The valves have aluminum bodies with integrated electrical connections, manual override and a LED that indicates when the valve is actuated. 3000 series is another addition to the extensive range of solenoid valve systems designed for applications in very demanding industrial sectors such as assembly and robotics, packaging or automotive.

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