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Technological development cannot be separated from the implementation of a consistent organizational and skills system. Market transactions are no longer limited to simple supply relationships in which the aim is merely to sell a product, but are now true partnerships in which the true aim is to provide advice on the basis of specific know-how and jointly develop the best possible solution. The skill of understanding a customer’s needs and being capable of developing often customized application solutions is therefore what makes the difference. Pneumax has a training program that aims to enhance the skills of all staff across the board in concepts relating to new technologies and market trends.

The aim is to increase levels of awareness not only among those already working in the sector but also those who will in future have to make a choice about which sector to work in, i.e. students. The Pneumax Academy is Pneumax’s way of meeting these training needs. The Academy brings together under one roof all existing collaborative projects with technical institutes, universities and research bodies, whether in Italy or abroad. It is a major project which also includes the development of structured alternating school-work training schemes and possible research projects and dissertations carried out jointly with partner university departments.

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Pneumax Training​

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