Technology at the service of the application

Each application has its own performance requirements and making use of different technologies is the only way to ensure the ideal solution is always provided.

Pneumatic Technology​

Pneumatic Technology​

The range of pneumatic solutions includes actuators, valves and solenoid valves, proportional technology, fittings, handling and vacuum and air treatment components. All combine the mechanics and electronics required for motion management and control, from the Series 3000 solenoid valves that can be interfaced with miniature proportional regulators using all main communication protocols.

Pneumatic Technology

Electric actuation​

​Electrical actuation​

Pneumax considers electric actuation to be an ideal solution for applications where, in addition to reliability, it is necessary to ensure extreme rapidity and flexibility in the control and configuration not only of the axes but also of the electrical cylinders. The range includes screw and recirculating ball axes, in-line or parallel cylinders, all available both with and without Siemens motors. Customized flanges for mounting the customer’s motors and creating solutions with a number of interpolated actuators can also be supplied.

Electric actuation

Fluid control​

Fluid control​

Wide range of brass and stainless steel solenoid valves suitable for intercepting air, water, steam and any other fluid compatible with the materials (body and seals) that make up the range. The solenoid valves are 2 or 3 way, normally closed, normally open, for general service, under direct control or servo-actuated, with connections available in NPT gas thread from G1/8″ up to G2” and working pressures ranging from vacuum up to 100 bar. Solenoid valves with coils enclosed in a CESI 03 ATEX 344 certified housing are available for explosive environments.

Fluid control​

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