• Technopolymer or aluminum versions
  • 4 sizes with flow rate up to 8000 Nl/min
  • Connections from 1/8” up to 1”
  • Safety elements integrable in pre-assembled group
  • Wide range of components for filtration and regulation
  • Modular design
  • Easy to assembly and to fix through rapid coupling flanges
  • Unlimited configurations
  • ATEX certification

AIRPLUS air treatment units have been developed to guarantee reliability, flexibility and ease and fast installation. The wide range of modules with different functions and features, together with a wide choice of materials available, make AIRPLUS a robust, reliable and extremely flexible modular system, and therefore adaptable to every industrial application. AIRPLUS units can be assembled in unlimited configurations and solutions to satisfy and fulfill all the functions of compressed air treatment such as filtration, regulation, lubrication, shut-off and air distribution.

Filters, coalescing filters, oil removal filters and carbon filters allow a diversified and suitable fluid filtration for every need, while regulators and regulating filters configurable with pressure gauge or integrated digital pressure switch, guarantee a safe and reliable regulation. The oil mist lubricators lubricate the fluid proportionally to the required air consumption while the shut-off valves available with manual, pneumatic or electro-pneumatic actuation effectively manage the system’s supply and discharge. The range is completed by a series of complementary modules, such as progressive start-up valve, air intake and pressure switch. Quick-coupling flanges make assembly, installation, integration and / or replacement of a module quick and easy.

Airplus air treatment units can be integrated with safety elements in compliance with EN-ISO 13849-1 and CE marking (in accordance with the EU Machinery Directive, Annex V).
AIRPLUS air treatment units are available in 4 sizes, with connections from 1/8 “to 1” and flow rates up to 8000 Nl / min.

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