Automotive Division

The ultimate clamping technology

The Automotive division of Pneumax designs and manufactures a complete range of products dedicated to the production lines of the automotive field, focusing on Body in White applications.

Pneumax offers a comprehensive range of clamping units, pivot units, pin packages as well as grippers and complete multi-axis positioning systems. Developed by a team of specialized technicians, the product is designed to ensure maximum reliability, precision and repeatability in compliance with the latest international mounting standards.

Particular attention has been paid to energy efficiency which through patented designs provides the largest energy saving solutions available in this market.

Every stage of manufacturing and product testing is carried within our specially equipped departments at our headquarters in Lurano (BG).
The worldwide presence of Pneumax ensures optimized and coordinated project management: the highest level of service is provided to all of our international customers.
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Our rigid linkage prevents the unwilling clamping of two workpieces together, thus enabling the clamp to detect such anomalies in the process. Stepless adjustment with the quickest…

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High locating accuracy. High protection against welding debris and corrosion…

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Pneumatic gripper clamps with fully adjustment opening angle…

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Robust and reliable pivot units to accurately position and/or rotate tooling or parts to work condition…

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icon-nc-locator NC Locator

Multi-Axes Locator for geometric alignments (MLGA)…

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Complementary products

Pneumax is a ONE-SOURCE SUPPLIER for the Automotive Industry with a comprehensive line of: pneumatic drives, valves, valve terminals, communication control blocks…

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Fittings, sensor, tubes, auto-retaining device, EC001, shims and spacers…

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Product development

1 Concept

Market requirement evaluation and product specs definition by product management. The project team analyzes the technical feasibility and sets a general timeline.

2 Prototyping

After a structural mechanics simulation analysis, the R&D team prepares a CAD model which is used with a 3 axis printing-moulding machine to manufacture the first prototypal batches.

3 Electronics integration

Electronic components are developed and manufactured in-house by Pneumax to be integrated in any system or as interface to any protocol.


The first close-to-series samples are machined, using the latest generation machinery. The first FMEA is prepared.

5 Evaluation and Inspection

Life test and approval. The products are subjected to functional, performance, temperature tests for millions of cycles.

6 Engineering

The engineering department evaluates and adopts the most suitable manufacturing technology and assembly procedure to implement, using 3D simulation programs.

7 Product industralization

The industrialization team together with the technical department develop any specific equipment and tool required. Suppliers’ evaluation is accomplished.

8 Pilot series release and product audit

Verification and validation that the product meets the requirements.

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