Presented at the SPS trade fair in Parma, the 2019 version of Pneumax’s MLGA (multi-axis locator for geometric alignments) is equipped with innovative technologies providing increasingly advanced solutions in sheet metal working applications.

The cooperation between Pneumax, Siemens, a multinational with worldwide activities which is renowned for its engineering excellence, innovation, quality and reliability and focuses, among other things, on automation and digitalization in the process and manufacturing industry, and Telmotor, an Italian company which has specialized for over 40 years in electrical supplies and in the distribution of quality products and brands for industrial automation, has continued to bear fruit. The 2019 version of MLGA, the multi-axis positioning system for geometric alignments launched in 2018 to provide an advanced solution for an application of particular significance in the sheet metal working sector, has received significant technologically updates and has now been presented.
The combination of Pneumax’s high-quality components with Siemens’ reliable motor systems and electronics used for Pneumax’s updated 18T series of electrical actuators has allowed the two companies, together with Telmotor as integrator, to develop their expertise in the automotive sector, in particular in BiW, and made it possible to implement the most advanced and high-performance technologies with a view to Industry 4.0.
This is a true “value-added chain” where the ongoing contribution of each of the partners contributes to the development of the overall system which year on year implements the performance and the value perceived by the end customer.
This is precisely the philosophy that Pneumax has used to tackle the project, acting like a prime contractor in charge of combining a number of specific skills in order to offer the customer a complete motorized system, equipped with electrical actuators and centring units manufactured by its « Pneumax Automotive » division and with “smart” technologies, control logic, touchscreen operator panel, electrical console and other features which might make the application more efficient. This explains the choice of Siemens for integrating the motors and all the control and management logic because it is an organization capable of providing constantly updated software solutions and has mechatronic expertise and huge application experience. Telmotor acts as the link between the various disciplines, providing all the experience of a systems integrator who combines the mechatronic and digital technologies offered by its suppliers and makes them usable by customers with a view to Industry 4.0.

The MLGA system is thus equipped with the most innovative digital solutions, capable of enabling services such as predictive maintenance, carried out using the Siemens Simatic IoT2040 platform in which all the necessary parameters are acquired, processed and made available in the Cloud to permit ongoing machine optimization, so avoiding downtime and lost production. The most important innovation in the software for the 2019 version of MLGA is the development of a digital twin which allows the functioning of individual components of the machine to be controlled and, in particular, simulated in a virtual environment. The digital twin also makes it possible to carry out production line testing and operator training in an integrated virtual environment in advance before the machine is installed in the field.

In addition, the MLGA system uses augmented reality to facilitate interaction with the most significant KPIs of the machine. The main elements making up the application are tagged with labels that allow the operator to use a mobile device, the Siemens ITP1000 industrial tablet, to locate the three-dimensional model of the component and conveniently and immediately carry out analyses or detect parameters in real time. The ongoing development of the application and the close relationship between the three companies confirm that sharing knowledge, experience and technologies is a fundamental building block for true value-added partnerships.

(source: Pneumax, Siemens and Telmotor joint press release)

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