Nobody is a number

And that's just as true for our staff as it is for our clients

Particularly at the present point in history with its emphasis on technology and digitalization, we strongly believe that it is vital to affirm the centrality of humans.
Our future rests on the solid foundations of over forty years of experience.

Although there have been many changes since our beginnings, some things have remained unchanged: our passion for our work and an awareness that human thoughts, actions and objectives underlie every product.


Creating value for our customers in a responsible and sustainable way by implementing processes and activities that respect the environment and people. Putting complete solutions in place, always focusing on technological innovation as a tool for enhancing the skills of the people who work with us and to promote the dissemination of knowledge as the cornerstone for growth.



Putting solutions in place for industrial and process automation for OEMs and end-users without geographic or sectoral limits by implementing efficient processes and innovative management methods and by combining pneumatic, electrical and fluid control technologies with mechanical, electronic and digital skills.


Open to new Challenges

Investing in the future for growth​

Growth means many things: moving out of your comfort zone to challenge yourself and become something bigger, investing in the new, believing in the future and thrilling to the idea of never stopping to learn. In recent years we have enthusiastically opened ourselves up to new markets where we have already met with success: automotive, oil and gas, packaging, medical. The future is full of challenges and we never want to tire of picking them up.



Pneumax Group numbers


Founded in 1976, Pneumax S.p.A. has since become a leading player in the worldwide market for pneumatic automation components…

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Mission and Values

Our industrial model is built on the pillars not only of technology and innovation but also of ensuring human well-being, both within and outside the company walls…

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Pneumax Business Attitude

Pneumax Business Attitude is the essence of the organizational model with which Pneumax manages technologies, skills and relationships with its customers in order to…

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Research and Innovation

Innovation it is not located in the products or services we supply, but in the processes that give rise to them and in the people who make them possible…

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The Pneumax Group, whose governance is entrusted to Pneumax Holding, is present worldwide through trading branches and workshops…

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Locations and distributors in Italy

High-quality manufacturing centralized in Italy​ and an extensive commercial network: are the simple ingredients that have led to our having flourished on the market for over forty years

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