High locating accuracy level

High protection against welding debris and corrosion

Quick Installation Guide Locating
RA32 RP32 Clamping

R-32 Series

NANO pin packages.
Pin packages Ø32.
Slim line and compact line.

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RP50 Locating


Retractable locating pin packages.
High positioning accuracy level.
High resistance to welding debris and corrosion.
Long life built-in components in rust prevention.
Anti-rotation system to reduce any rotation free-play.

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RC50 Locating


Retractable locating pin packages with CNOMO mounting pattern.
Pin packages according to Cnomo standard also available with manual operation.

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HP50 Locating


High Performance retractable locating pin package.
The heat generated from any welding process can cause a localized deformation in the workpiece when the metal cools, some parts could contract more than others, leaving residual stress.
To improve the process reliability, a higher level of pull force to disengage the pin can be required to overcome the tensions in the workpiece.

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FP63 Locating


Retractable locating pin packages with dual rods.

  • Extra-light products
  • Short body length
  • Clear design with user-friendly surfaces and no dirt or welding deposit traps

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