Pneumax Toscana S.r.l.

The value of expertise



Experience and reliability

Founded in 2019 thanks to the acquisition of Fluidodinamica Toscana by Pneumax Group, Pneumax Toscana can be sure of a level of experience and expertise that will ensure constant and effective support to all customers.


Technical office

Skilled technicians offer design advice to provide all the support equipment to accompany the products and systems.



Pneumax Toscana organizes training courses and demonstration sessions for its customers using equipment, panels and material specially made for educational purposes.


Local Warehouse

Our large warehouse means Pneumax’s product range is always available.


Assembly and testing area

Pneumax’s service includes product assembly and testing in line with the customer’s specifications.


  • Machine Kit

    Preparation of assembled or to be assembled material. Use of unique code provided or proposed by the customer.

    • Possibility of using unique codes for creation and management of machine kits
    • 100% control during realization and shipment of the kits
    • Optimized management for the customer both during order phase and when receiving and storing the kits
  • Assemblies
    • Optimization of code/registry management
    • Use of dedicated areas and equipment
    • Assembly by specialist staff to ensure maximum quality
    • Product inspection using appropriate equipment for testing dimensional, electrical, pneumatic tightness and functional characteristics, so avoiding problems during commissioning
  • Machine Panels
    • Optimized production of plug and play panels with integrated mechanics and electronics
    • Management of machine parts and systems
    • Possibility of mounting bought-in components and assemblies
  • Consoles and Cabinets
    • Mounting of components and assemblies in metal or polymer consoles or cabinets
    • Wiring and ergonomics optimization
    • Design and layout of optimum placement of instrument panels and control elements

Advice and technical support

Codesign and production of integrable 3D models


Seeking out the best-performing solutions


Optimizing investment


Supply of complete 3D models

Pneumax Toscana, with its team of technicians that specializes in designing solutions combining mechanics and electronics, analyzes each application and codesigns a solution with the customer to generate the greatest possible value added by optimizing investment. Models of the assembled solutions or of panels and consoles that can be integrated into the customer’s design software are also created using 3D CAD systems.


Via Sarri, 20/A
50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI), Italy

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Tel.: +39 055 8071307

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