The innovation chain

Continuous and structured innovation

Our conviction at Pneumax is that continuous innovation arises from a combination of an organization that encourages interaction between different technologies with system and applicational skills. Structured innovation means facing new challenges every day by combining method, creativity and passion. As an organization, Pneumax will ensure continuous development of operating processes and specific sectoral skills by creating Business Units

focusing respectively on Industrial Automation, Process Automation and Automotive.
Management of different technologies: pneumatic technology, electrical actuation and fluid control combined with the interdisciplinary skills honed in a digital and electronic context mean that we can offer optimized, integrated solutions for each and every application.


A perfect intersection between dedicated Business Units and Vertical Technologies

Business Units Technologies

Business Units

A “vertical” approach based on applicational specialization has given rise to Business Units dedicated to specific sectors.

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Each application has its own performance requirements and making use of different technologies is the only way to ensure the ideal solution is always provided.

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