Constant, structured and effective training

The Pneumax training programme combines theory fundamentals with practical activities. “Learning by doing” is the philosophy with which Pneumax trainers set up courses and activities.


Basics of Pneumatics

The aim of the course is to illustrate the fundamental concepts of physics related to compressed air by introducing the main quantities, units of measurement, functions and main characteristics of the components that can make up a pneumatic circuit.

Advanced pneumatics and electro-pneumatics

The aim of the course is to provide knowledge of the various components that can make up a pneumatic circuit, even a complex one, by understanding its operation, analysing in detail the parts that comprise it as well as any faults. The course combines a theoretical and practical session to provide skills on component dimensioning, reading pneumatic diagrams and their layout. The end of the course will focus on the potential risks of pressurised systems.

Customised courses

Pneumax offers courses with customised programmes structured according to the needs of the identified target group. Courses can be held in-house or at the customer’s facilities, combining theoretical and practical sessions. Pneumax trainers are available to offer a consultancy service and schedule training sessions to make sure that they are as effective as possible.


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