“On Monday, 29th January, 2007 – on the occasion of a solemn ceremony which took place at Confindustria in Rome – the Company Pneumax S.p.A., in the person of the Chairman of Pneumax Holding S.p.A. and Sole Director of Pneumax S.p.A., Cavaliere Roberto Bottacini, received an award for excellence within the framework of the participation of Pneumax in the first edition of the initiative "Confindustria Awards for Excellence".

As acknowledgement of the thirty-year history of the Group, and of the excellent results achieved both in terms of growth and in terms of care and development of human resources and territory, the Chairman of the Pneumax Group, Cavaliere Roberto Bottacini, therefore, received the award for excellence from the hands of the Chairman of Confindustria, Avvocato Luca di Montezemolo, as a token of an entrepreneurial success which – uninterruptedly since 1976 – gained a leading position first in Italy, then in Europe and – finally – in all the most developed countries of the world”.

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