News Cilindri Elettrici serie 1800
  • Ø 32, 40, 50, 63
  • Fixing interface ISO 15552
  • Versions with linear or parallel motors
  • SIEMENS brushless motors
  • IP Rating IP65
  • Anti-rotating piston
  • Adapted for use with magnetic sensors
  • A vast range of accessories and motor fixing interfaces

The Series 1800 Electric cylinders offer additional functions to that of a standard pneumatic cylinder, with the possibility to totally manage the complete working cycle, with control over acceleration and deceleration and the ability stop in mid position with precision and repeatability to fractions of a millimetre. The actuators are available four sizes, 32-40-50-63, with in-line or parallel mounted electric motors with a fixing interface according to ISO 15552 standard and with IP65 IP rating. The motor drives a ball screw transmission that converts the motors rotary motion into a linear motion. The internal piston is non-rotating with built in calibrated slides to reduce any torsional backlash of the piston rod and to obtain optimal precision for positioning.
The actuators are fitted with magnetic pistons for use with external sensors or external linear position transducers. It is possible to access the ball screw through a hole in the barrel for the purpose of lubrication. Motors: brushless SIEMENS (IP65), relativ encoder (100W, 400W, 750W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W). Versions with brake and positioning encoders are available upon request. In the event of the customer wanting to use they’re own electric motor, Pneumax can provide the required assembly kits upon request. Drivers: Siemens 220-240V 1AC/3AC; a version for multi-axis interpolation is available upon request.

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