Serie T771

The range of G1” pilot and solenoid operated poppet valves represents an evolution of the current popular Zama series and of the series T772-T773 (G1/2″-3/4″).
Also for this series the main feature is the technopolimer material used to mould most of its components.
The use of this materiel results in a versatile, lightweight and economical valve.
This series also has other technical and functional enhancements over the existing range. Firstly, the traditional piston lip seal has been replaced with a rolling diaphragm, thereby eliminating frictional wear and tear to this seal.
This series (with the exception of certain vacuum models) also features a seal, which separates port 3 from the piston head. the inclusion of this seal has enhanced the valve’s performance and allows the valve to be used as normally open (a configuration not possible in the Zama series).
Solenoid operated valves (both internal and external pilot versions) are fitted with a quick exhaust unit, which reduces the return stroke operating time by 80%.
The bulk of the valves in this series use the MP type operator, the exception being internally piloted vacuum models, which use the MV operator. these operators differ from the M2 type in that they have self-tapping mounting screws for use in plastics.
Bistable versions are also available, both for air or for vacuum. These valves are fitted with a 3/2 sol-sol valve (instead of the standard pilot valve) fitted with two 15mm 24V Dc microvalves (N331.0A).
The ordering code are referring to the solenoid valves with mechanics “MP” or “MV” assembled.



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